• The players are to be auctioned in Kolkata on December 19 of the next season of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Hundreds of players will be involved in the auction for IPL 2020. The current 8 teams of IPL will add around 75 players, but there are four existing players of India, whose salary is the highest this time. Talking about the top 4, it also includes young wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant. Visit here to see the results of all the online betting companies. Satta King

    Actually, Royal Challengers Bangalore i.e. RCB captain Virat Kohli, captain Rohit Sharma, who won Mumbai Indians four times, captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who made Chennai Super Kings three times champions and wicketkeeper batsman Rishabh Pant, who stormed for Delhi Capitals top 4, which is going to get the highest amount for IPL 2020. The surprising thing is that Virat Kohli will take Rs 2 crore more than the remaining three players for this IPL season. The betting results are shown very fast inside the recent running game.Satta King

    Virat, Rohit, Dhoni and Pant have retained the record, let us tell you, RCB has retained Virat Kohli for Rs 17 crore this season. At the same time, Mumbai Indians retained Rohit Sharma for the IPL 2020 for Rs 15 crore, while MS Dhoni will once again captain CSK, who has been clubbed by Chennai Super Kings franchise with his team for 15 crores. On the other hand, Delhi Capitals franchise will give Rs 15 crore to Rishabh Pant for this season, as Delhi team has again retained Rishabh Pant. Satta King

    4 players who got highest salary of IPL 2020

    RCB will give Rs 17 crore to Virat Kohli

    Mumbai Indians will give Rs 15 crore to Rohit Sharma

    Chennai Super Kings will give Rs 15 crore to MS Dhoni

    Rishabh Pant will be given Rs 15 crore by Delhi Capitals

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    Kolkata Knight Riders made the biggest bid of IPL 2020, the biggest till the end. Pat Cummins became the first foreign player to receive the highest amount for the year 2020. KKR placed the biggest bid of IPL 2020 on Pat Cummins. Pat Cummins, 26, will now be seen playing for the Kolkata team. He has previously played for Delhi Capitals.

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  • A big news related to Indian Premier League is coming out. The Delhi Capitals team has decided to make another trade. Recently the Delhi Capitals had a trade with the Mumbai Indians, in which they included Mayank Markande in the squad, replacing Sherfan Rutherford. Apart from this, the team from Delhi is going to do another trade.

    According to the news, the team management of Delhi Capitals has made up its mind to include Rajasthan Royals opener Ajinkya Rahane in the team. In such a situation, Ajinkya Rahane may be seen playing for Delhi Capitals under the captaincy of Shreyas Iyer in the next season of IPL. However, there is no official confirmation as to whether Rahane will join the team.

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    Ajinkya Rahane played the IPL 2019 season for the Rajasthan Royals as captain and then he left the captaincy in the middle. After this, the captain of the team, Steve Smith, was made, but later when Steve Smith left for his country, Ajinkya Rahane had to captain the team again. Although the team could not make it to the playoffs, Ajinkya Rahane batted brilliantly in the tournament.

    Let us know that Shikhar Dhawan was also included in the team's trade by Delhi Capitals last season. This time the team management wants veteran batsman Ajinkya Rahane to join the team and strengthen the opening pair with Shikhar Dhawan. According to sources, paper work is going on between the two teams regarding Ajinkya Rahane. Hopefully Delhi Capitals Management can announce this soon.

    Sources have said, "Yes, the Delhi Capitals team wants Ajinkya Rahane to be included in their team, but it is too early to say anything clearly on this. To go from one team to another, focus on everything it happens." Sources also say that Ajinkya Rahane is like a brand ambassador for Rajasthan team. This can be difficult, but negotiations between the two teams continue.

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